3-month to view wall calendar data

data Equipment:
Like dispo, but the bottom strip shows the current year.

White backboard creased and made from chlorine free bleached top quality board. Header wire stitched to the backboard with wires
covered by a binding strip. A single date pad with special line perforation for easy and clean month change, plus an extra fine perforation
to ensure problem free folding when inserting into board envelope (250 x 350 mm). Calendar back and date pad in FSC® quality.


Measurements & Weights:

Finished size 285 x 550 mm
Date pad 285 x 346 mm
Folded to 285 x 390 mm
Weight approx. 155 g
incl. envelope approx. 225 g


Individual packaging (optional):

Board envelope 350 x 250 mm


Minimum order quantity = 200.
Minimum order quantity is subject to seasonal variation.


Date-wise:tag data dispoQuadro

The superior week marker including date
cursor is fully mounted.


Sample data files: